Cats vs.dogs

Cat in a tub

First let me tell you that I love both cats and dogs. I love all mammals – sorry, creatures that lay eggs don’t cut it I’m afraid – but I am unashamedly partial to cats probably because I’ve shared my life with them for so many years. Dogs have never been an option so far, since I’ve always lived in a flat and worked long hours, conditions that would lead to a very bored and probably unfit canine companion.

Why are cats superior creatures? First they are ferociously independent. Secondly they are obsessively clean. And thirdly, they are hilarious. Also, furry, purry and very cuddly.

Ferociously independent, means they don’t hang out with people they don’t like. It also means they could be in the same house with you, sitting in a different room, probably because they don’t fancy what you’re watching on TV. They won’t come when you call them, they’ll climb onto your lap if and when they feel like it and they will keep having their manicure on your favourite sofa no matter how hard you try to explain it cost a fortune. You know what though? I can totally relate to this behaviour.

Obsessively clean. If you’ve ever watched a month-old orphan kitty cat digging away in the litter tray, desperate to bury its tiny poopie, and its frustration and disgust if it fails to, you realize cats are hypochondriacs at heart. You pet them and they lick themselves silly to be rid of your dirty smell – how much cleaner can you get? Granted, they shed, but so do men.

Hilarious. Real clowns. Anyone who’s lived with a cat know this. From the chasing of the tail to the unbelievable habits they develop over the years, cats are the funniest animals around. Look at our Niaoura – official office pet – who dips her paws into people’s glasses when they’re not looking and then sucks the water off them. Or Moox, who sits in the shower staring at you as you sit on the loo… Cats definitely make you laugh.

As for the fur, the purr and the cuddle, if you’ve never watched a sad movie with a cat sitting on your chest, you have really missed out.

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