Spring depression fought back

I said just yesterday that writing a blog feels a little like hosting a radio show; I think its the immediacy of the medium – you simply press a button and your words are out there – plus the idea of an audience on the receiving end. So a mini radio show it shall be today – songs for a Sunday morning. Rise and shine, the clocks have moved forward an hour and it’s already late! Coffee in hand – my special blend of three, as advised by coffee guru friend – I shall share three Sunday songs with you and then I will go out and enjoy the sun!

Mowgli’s Road Marina & the Diamonds
Mardy Bum, The Arctic Monkeys
Friday I’m in love The Cure (Sunday, Friday, same thing)

OK, up and out you go! Don’t waste any more time laying about, as of today the days will be longer – as most of you prayed for – and I am pretending to be cheerful although I prefer shorter, cloudier, colder days. I am not letting my aversion to spring bring me down or at least I am trying not to.

PS an hour later: having spent the last hour having coffee with a friend in a cafe where the median age exceeded 70 by at least a decade, I feel rejuvenated and full of  beans. A veritable spring chicken (όνομα και πράμα).

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2 Responses to Spring depression fought back

  1. effi says:

    How inspiring!!. And isnt it strange how I also prefer cloudy, dark winter Sundays. But lets get out and make the most of now!!!

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