Well here I am at last!

alternative look

Apologies for the delay. I know you’ve been holding your breath for way too long. It was writer’s block, the doctor said. A severe bout of the disease and bound to hit me again at some point.

Returning to my blog, sitting in the deep-freeze for over four years, first I was faced with the dilemma of whether I should scrap everything and start afresh. Espresso croquant? Hmm… Still my favourite ice-cream in the whole wide world and still a pleasant ring in those tight consonants rolling of a tongue, French or other. So, a big thanks to Movenpick for kindly lending me a name I have paid for through the nose, both in euro and in calories, and on with it!

Why am I back? Good question. Other than the obvious narcissism – yes, I take pleasure in seeing my words on paper or screen – there are thoughts and ideas, across-the-board, that I would like to share with my friends and anyone else who might bother. Does one need a better excuse?

This will be a truly bi-lingual blog, written alternately in English and in Greek, as dictated by the thought, my mood and other extraneous factors. That’s me: thinking, speaking, writing, dreaming, in both languages. Blogging too. No reason for my English thoughts to be hindered by the stiff rules of Greek syntax and no reason for my Greek thoughts to be squeezed into the infuriating preciseness of English. Translator friends, you know exactly what I’m talking about…

Finally, I need your assistance with the look of this site. Pebbles are good but so are cats (and that’s having searched and then scrapped African sunsets, Aegean waters, Afghani prints). Which should it be? Let’s have a vote! The pebbles or the fat black cat in the image? It’s up to you. Well, not entirely.

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4 Responses to Well here I am at last!

  1. Ytzav says:


  2. greekadman says:

    definitely these cats… pebbles I’ve seen before!

  3. chrilo says:

    hi marleoni, have fun. Forget the cats, I like the toes.

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